Hey USA ! Your constitution is useless* !

A lot of US citizens really stand by their constitution. They have been brainwashed in school to believe the constitution itself is powerful and will protect the nation against bad government.

* Any constitution is only as powerful as the people who stand up in unison to back up the principles in the constitution. Only people can give a constitution power, because only people have political power, because only people can coerce other people.

Many look at the current problems that are facing the USA, and the shocking behavior of the current leaders, and are sure that the constitution will sort it out because the leaders are doing so much that is unconstitutional. The constitution will not help you at all. The constitution is useless unless you get out there in numbers and back it up.

The reality is this: The USA establishment has reached the inevitable point where democracy (will of the people) now blocks the increase of its power. This is a natural human cycle. As has happened every time, the establishment loads the courts with those who will disregard the law and only act according to the wishes of the government. In actuality, it is simply the government becoming the new legal authority. It is like a “coup d’etat in law”, a “paper coup d’etat”. Every time, it happens while people look on and allow it. Every time, the government becomes drunk with power and commits crimes against the people that were previously unthinkable. It’s human nature.

The current government has been breaking legal and moral principles with impunity. It does not respect the constitution at all, and does not fear the consequences of disregarding it. This is because the constitution has no power over them, except that power given it by people who stand up and try to enforce it. At the moment, nobody is doing that. The government is replacing the legal authority of the constitution with the legal authority it has imposed on the justice system. Now the government has already started to commit crimes against the people and it will only increase as they further entrench themselves into a position of authority.

After a certain point, it is impossible to remove such a government, and the only thing citizens can do is flee, and allow the country to collapse economically. After collapse, the government loses the economic power to back up its authority, and it is easy prey for removal. Then the country can start to rebuild again.

Hey USA ! Your constitution is useless* !

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