the influence of big media

I just saw a tweet from Rupert Murdoch about climate change. he is openly opposed to the claim that the climate is warming. I’m not sure what his stance on climate change is. the point is that he controls a huge media network, and the governments of Europe and USA are taking action he is totally opposed to.
coming form socialist circles (which I now avoid), I’m used to hearing how Murdoch controls the decisions of government, how he is so evil, blah blah.
I just want to point out that it was never true. sure, he has influence, but when governments decide that they want something bad enough, media and citizens beware. global warming and the gold mine of carbon taxes is just what the indebted governments want to use to stay in power. if they run out of money, they are gone. so they are really trying to not run out of money. the hunt for acceptable taxation is on. watch the governments try to increase their income without it seeming like a blatant money grab.


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