the impossible is already happening

in George Orwell’s novel, ‘1984’, he describes a government that changes historical records so that past copies of newspapers show what the government wants.
Steve Goddard has reminded me that this unthinkable fiction is actually happening already!
in order to make the climate look like it has been warming for a long time, NASA and NOAA created a program to change historical temperature data. if you look on their websites, you will find the altered data. the meteorological agencies in countries like UK and australia have also applied the program to change the published data.
unlike in Orwell’s novel, the raw climate data is still available, so the fraud has been revealed. yet it has not stopped. despite the fact that the climate is now clearly cooling again, these governments continue to claim that warming still occurs and that it is more dangerous than ever.
the global warming fraud is clearly an internationally coordinated effort, involving high ranking government officials and scientists. perhaps it is only about making money out of a massive scam, but I doubt it. its never only about money, its always about power.


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