Fake: recent south african human fossil find

the 15 fossil skeletons of human ancestors recently discovered in a south African cave, is likely fake.

Warning bells start to ring as scientists claim that the fossils combine features of more modern homo species, and more primitive Australopithecus species.
then the alarm rings loudly when the scientists claim the skeletons cannot be dated. conveniently there is no way to detect a fraud based on combining more modern remains with more primitive ones. this means the mix of modern and primitive cannot be disproven by dating. also, the article doesn’t mention radiometric dating eg carbon dating as an option.

the claim that humans evolved directly and fairly linearly from apes is widely accepted, yet lacking evidence. it is also a claim that is pushed quite hard in scientific circles despite being unsupported by evidence. scientists going against this dogma find themselves at the end of their careers. Scientists sometimes claim to have found the missing link, but it can’t be proven. There is even the slightly famous case of “Piltdown man”, which for decades was considered the missing link, but later found to be a shoddy fake.

the main motivation for this linear view of human evolution, is primarily to discount past periods of technological development. part of the current dogma is that humans have achieved technological development for the first time. yet there is plenty of evidence that shows past civilizations had technologies that were lost and have not yet been matched by current technology. going hand in hand with this is the idea that humans came from somewhere easy to explain. and that there are no mysterious circumstances behind humans appearance on earth.

despite all the attempts to discredit past technology and civilizations, the issue will not go away. the Judeo-christian view of human history is just plain wrong.


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