no active sunspots = no hurricanes

it seems quite a connection: sunspots and hurricanes!

I learned about this connection from the “suspicious0bservers” YouTube channel. they observed the connection between solar flares and hurricane formation. they present hurricanes that are preceded by solar flares, and absences of hurricanes that correspond to absences of solar flares.

now is the peak of Atlantic hurricane season. and there are none. and there are also no sunspots. the lack of sunspots is unexpected. this is supposed to be a time with more sunspots, according to the sunspot cycle. but this cycle, has so many fewer sunspots that previous cycles. we have just passed the expected peak of this cycle. yet the sun looks like it does between cycles, when there are almost no sunspots.

the observation is that earth facing solar flares lead, within a day or so, to the sudden formation of hurricanes, also called cyclones. and in the absence of earth facing solar flares, no hurricanes form.

the observation is one thing, but there also must be a demonstrable mechanism for the cause and effect observed. that mechanism is revealed by auroras.

a solar flare releases high frequency electromagnetic radiation EMR and particles. the EMR such as xrays and other high energy frequencies, is much much smaller in total energy than the more constant solar EMR which is lower frequency light and heat. but it gets here in about 8 minutes, the same speed. it can cause disruptions to communications and more. now it seems it also fires up hurricanes. the mechanism for this is still speculative, but its not as if we haven’t noticed other effects and explained them – example, SW radio blackouts.

the particles, such as protons electrons and helium nuclei, usually get here in 2 or more days. that’s when we get the beautiful rings of auroras around our magnetic poles.

this is just another observation that shows the suns effect on earths weather. however it flies in the face of those who claim humans can control earths weather with things such as CO2.


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