When did the recent climate warming stop?

Many “anti-warming” activists say warming stopped in 1998, because that was the hottest year.

Of course, government representatives of global warming profiteers (NASA, NOAA, government meteorological agencies) say it is still warming, but they dont use raw temperature data – they actually change the raw data to show a continuing warming trend. We dont need to give any credence to scientific fraud.

Lets just stick with the raw data.


Global Temperature Page

The above graph shows the 1998 peak temperature – attributed to an “El Nino” event. Anti-warmists claim 1998 as the year that warming stopped. Its true, it hasnt got warmer since that year, in absolute terms. But i feel that is putting too much emphasis on that unusual year. In the graph below, i add a green hand-drawn line (yes, drawn by hand, not calculated from the data!). Im sure if i calculate based on 24 or 36 month average, the line would look different to my hand draw guesstimate, but the green line illustrates my point.


My green line puts the end of warming about 2005, give or take a few years. Thats despite the very hot 2010, which i also iron out with a swipe of my stylus. To me thats a pretty certain 10 years without warming, without relying at all on statistically less significant 1998.

My justification for ironing out the graph is the long term trend in climate. Through ice ages and warm periods, climate wanders up and down relatively slowly. The recent warming has apparently happened quite quickly, but still took over 20 years, and isnt very big according to climate history. Placing any emphasis on a single year goes against that gradual trend. So i wont do it.

I say the recent global warming stopped about 2005.

When did the recent climate warming stop?

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