How much is mold affecting your health?

Its no surprise to many of us that people living in moldy homes are always sick. Even if it cant bee seen, we know that moldy smell and we wouldnt want it in our homes.

And many of us know that fresh air is an essential part of a healthy home. A stuffy home is an unhealthy home. A home that is constantly air-conditioned and never cleared out, will become unhealthy.

Not everyone is affected by molds to the same degree. If you feel fit, energetic and fine all the time, and never tired or drowsy, or weak, then why worry?

But if you regularly have problems with energy, concentration, tiredness, then it is worth your time to learn about mold and find out if removing it from your life makes the difference you need.

However, its possible to get sick from molds that arent so easy to see or smell. As well as through our lungs, mold can harm our health through our food. This article from provides a lot of information to help you understand and protect yourself from harmful molds.

Documentary Reveals the Hazards of Toxic Mold and Mold-Related Illness

How much is mold affecting your health?

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