Big bang theorist attacks Ben Carson for not believing in bullshit

professional Big Bang physicist uses an article in the new yorker magazine to attack Ben Carson, who doesn’t believe in the Big Bang theory, and is therefore an obvious funding threat.

in this article, Krauss exposes his own bias my misinterpreting and twisting Ben Carson’s clear meaning. In the article Krauss tries to baffle with bullshit, and mislead with deception.

At one point in the article, Krauss quotes Carson talking about the big bang probability theory. Carson states that systems tend toward complexity, and that a big bang therefore shouldn’t be able to produce an ordered universe. the probability theory says that there has been so many big bangs that eventually one must get lucky and lead to order. Carson, correctly, states that this is ridiculous. Krauss then attacks Carson for claiming that there has been many big bangs in this universe, whereas Carson obviously means separate universes.

Krauss’ article is one such example after another. In fact Carson’s science is much more robust than Krauss’ or any other Big Bang theorist. Big Bang has no supporting evidence at all and its tenet of observed expansion is actually false, because red shift is not universally observed. these physicists are just doing whatever it takes to keep the money rolling in. it seems scientists are at least as dishonest as the rest of us.

“Ben Carson’s Scientific Ignorance BY LAWRENCE M. KRAUSS”


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