David Icke’s reptilians vs human mafia

Recently i investigated David Icke’s allegations that the earths rulers are reptilians that look like humans. However, there is no evidence ever presented to back up what he claims to believe.

A lot of people get on this bandwagon and accept what he says as the truth. This is because they feel it is a legitimate explanation for the otherwise unexplainable path of the human race. In the absence of another explanation, this one will do. The same is true for those who believe in the secret global government that creates unnecessary wars and sufering for the human race in order to feed off humans.

All these explanations have one thing in common: Supernatural powers. That is, the people that accept these claims as true are those people who believe supernatural, or superhuman abilities are the only way to explain what is going on.

However, there is another way of explaining what is going on, that is consistent with what everyday people know about. The human phenomena of mafia or gangsters. I put it to you that all human groups produce a power structure around this phenomena and it is all that is required to explain the world as it is today. Mafia is the Italian name for criminal gangs that essentially operate their own mini state within another state. However, there isnt much difference between the different forms of mafia.

Mafia rules by fear, and extracting taxes. All government is a form of mafia, and all governments offer reward for cooperation and punishment for resistance of their rule. They sustain themselves by providing a secure environment for their subjects, so that they can continue to extract taxes. Every mafia is based on the dynasty system. One family at a time controls the people ruled by the mafia. Mafia compete against each other and have wars. Mafia are corrupt – their hierarchy is based on a system of patronization – essentially a pyramid scheme. The word “corruption” is a negative label for a system that was long accepted as the natural way of organizing society.

The ultimate goal of any mafia is absolute power. The history of Britain and Japan are good examples of Kingdoms (mafia regions) competing for the ultimate goal of absolute power over the entire territory. Through war, kingdoms (mafia gangs) fight against each other, growing as they defeat enemies and seizing their land and profitable subjects.

David Icke’s reptilians vs human mafia

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