International mafia and world war 3

Those families and alliances of families that control nations, operate in exactly the same way as mafia. So i will refer to them as mafia, because it makes world politics quite easy to understand.

In modern times, mafia may control more than one nation and seize control of nations from each other. Modern technology even makes it possible for “landless mafia”. These are groups that are organized around an ideology and extract payments from followers. Sometimes they call themselves lobby groups or social movements. Their goal is to eventually take control of government and the land that goes with it. Generally, an established mafia is secretly behind these social movements. The reason for doing this is to turn the sentiment of a nation against its current mafia rulers, weakening the nation against a political or military takeover.

Currently, the Israeli mafia that controls the USA and Europe through banking networks an a series of constantly negotiated alliances, is trying to destroy the mafia that is centralized in Iran. It began this huge undertaking after it successfully disempowered the Russian mafia. However, the financial resources of Europe and USA have been depleted from this task, leaving the Russian mafia free to rise up and form a defensive alliance with the Iranian mafia. The Israeli mafia are trying a last ditch effort to wring as much wealth as possible out of western nations to complete the attempt at victory. The main tool to extract this extra wealth is the global warming scam.

The rise of Israeli mafia through the influence of banking, allows them the power to control alliances of western mafia, even to the point of partially subjugating them, but not enough power to take over their land or to have their full cooperation. From this precarious position of “top dog” they are trying to coordinate an effort with western mafia to destroy the Iranian mafia and completely take over the region, promising spoils of wealth and land for all participants.

What the Israelis have in mind is the glory days of the ancient Levant. Thousands of years ago, they saw themselves as the chosen people. They want this glory back and still see themselves as the chosen people. Retaking their homeland from the Palestinians was only the first step.

Russia stepping in to prop up the Syrian mafia has the potential to prevent the Israelis from achieving their goal of taking over the entire middle east. Another barrier to this success is the failing economies of the western nations usurped for use as weapons against the Iranian and Russian mafias. The only chance of an Israeli victory over the Iranian mafia was a full scale military war – and that success is no longer guaranteed at all since the Russian mafia stepped in the save the Syrian mafia. People can feel world war 3 coming without understanding who is behind it.

One thing is clear to me though – the most certain way for the Israeli mafia to destroy itself is to continue to pursue their goal of dominating the middle east.

International mafia and world war 3

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