Mafia-like Secret Societies and Narcissism

Identifying the mafia nature of secret societies, the aristocracy and those who seek power, helps a lot to understand how they work and why they do what they do. There is simply no need for claims of aliens or reptilians at all for the behavior of these groups to make sense.

The individuals that form and maintain these groups suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. NPD is a disorder that is created by child abuse. Narcissists produce narcissistic and codependent children. If you wan to learn more about the basics of these disorders, i recommend learning about them on the internet. The information can help you to avoid getting involved in relationships with narcissistic individuals or mafia/cult groups.

NPD is a disorder made possible by human nature. Secret societies and cults have also studied, for centuries, how to increase the disorder in the next generation, to allow greater control over them. In fact the goals of ritual abuse and mid control is to create a version of NPD tuned for control.

Most of the information about NPD online will teach you about everyday examples of NPD. But you will also learn things that will be true about the most extreme versions of NPD. NPD goes hand in hand with codependency. NPD feels more secure by controlling, and codependents feel more secure by submitting.

Learning about NPD and codependency is essential for understanding how humans are affected by ritual abuse and mind control, and how it all works.

Mafia-like Secret Societies and Narcissism

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