Is Archaeopteryx a fake?

For a long time, a skull provided a missing link in human ancestry, that showed a simple linear evolution of humans according to current theories. This skull was said to have belonged to a group of humans called “Piltdown Man”. For many decades, this single skull, without any body or other examples to support it, was put forward as irrefutable evidence of the correctness of the current view of human evolution.

Later, Piltdown Man was shown to be a fake. An altered skull of another group of humans. It was a fake that was made for the purpose of supporting a particular view of human evolution. That is, it was made to discredit views of human evolution that the establishment did not like.

The same is true for Archaeopteryx. This is essentially a dinosaur with feathered wings. It is put forward as the missing link between dinosaurs and birds, which are said to represent a linked evolution. There is only one fossil that shows reptilian characteristics and feathers together. No other fossil has ever shown them together. There is no other evidence to support the conclusion that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

Usually, scientists claim that it is incompetent to rely on a single piece of evidence to build an entire theory on. Yet with Archaeopteryx, they happily break this rule because their goal is not science. Their goal is fraud. If their goal was scientific truth, they simply would not say that only one piece of evidence is enough. So, it is really obvious that it is a fake.

Is Archaeopteryx a fake?

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