Not sure if the Earth is flat or spherical?

You probably think that the Earth is a sphere, but when you hear the flat earthers go on, youre not sure. Because your not really interested in science. Like most people, science teachers made sure you dont want to ever think about science ever again. So you dont really know who is correct. Or you are annoyed by flat earthers and just want some ammunition to shoot them down.

This video will give you the ammunition you need to show flat earthers for the gullible fools, or evil manipulators they are…

Not sure if the Earth is flat or spherical?

4 thoughts on “Not sure if the Earth is flat or spherical?

  1. Dude, this video came out like six months ago, and everything he says in here has been soundly addressed by FE inquiry… These are not “case close” proofs whatsoever! I mean, really? “the moon is inverted, so that proves we’re on a globe”?

    Has it ever occurred to you that if the moon was actually very close, going in a circle over the flat earth, that indeed a person looking at it from the “northern hemisphere” (i.e. the inner circle) would very much be looking at it from the opposite angle as someone from the “southern hemisphere” (the outer circle”), and thus, you would absolutely expect to see the moon appearing to be “inverted”?


  2. fnstst says:

    OK lets take a look at what “Daring to Look” is saying about the moon:
    He is proposing that the moon travels close to the flat earth, above the equator, which is a circle. the north pole is the center of the earth, and the south pole is actually the outer circumference of the flat earth. the equator is a line between the north pole and the outside circumference and the moon travels above this.
    Now, picture this image in your mind. Can you find any point on this flat earth from which you will not be able to see the moon? it would be visible from all parts of the earths surface, ALL THE TIME. But this is not what the moon does, the moon disappears over the horizon.

    Flat Earthers say they think this stuff out very carefully!!!!!!!

    Nobody could be so stupid as to believe the earth is flat after analysing the evidence and opposing arguments. It is really obvious that these flat earthers are knowingly lying and doing so for their own sick satisfaction. these people are not normal human beings, they wish to sabotage the human race. They enjoy causing misfortune for other people, that they dont even know. They are pathological narcissists, which are people who will do any harm to others for the purpose of avoiding their own inner self.


    1. “Can you find any point on this flat earth from which you will not be able to see the moon? it would be visible from all parts of the earths surface, ALL THE TIME. But this is not what the moon does, the moon disappears over the horizon…”

      This is the poorest of assumptions, truly. i hear this sort of thing all the time. “If the Earth was flat, we should be able to see all the way across the Atlantic ocean”, or, “If the Earth was flat the sun would be visible from everywhere, all the time”..

      This is not true, because there is still something called the atmosphere, which reduces the visibility of light as the distance between two points increases. It is the simple reality of perspective. You can go on youtube and watch scores of videos showing the sun and moon getting larger and smaller, as they “rise” and “set”. This is not possible on a heliocentric model.

      But wow… “Not normal human beings”, “they wish to sabotage the human race”…??

      Please tell me, sir, exactly what sort of “misfortune” am I causing anyone, on any level? Am I at risk of dashing some poor child’s hopes of traveling to Mars someday? Well if you really believe something like that, then I guess they can grow up and ride a rocket to the stars themselves one day and prove me wrong… 😉


  3. fnstst says:

    So there you have it, everyone. You can see both sides of the argument, is there enough for you to decide if the earth is flat or spherical? the flat earthers will always point at something and say “that is just not true” and give an alternative view. take the claim about the “scores” of sunset and sunrise videos. anyone who has seen a few rises or sets of the sun or moon realizes that they are the biggest at the horizon, not when high above. then the flat earther says that there is the effect of atmospheric opacity, and relates it to the size of the sun. if this were true, then the further away the sun, the smaller it would be, at the horizon. the flat earthers are so easily disproven, yet they have endless amounts of time to just keep arguing and arguing and never giving in. who are these people with so much time on their hands. the idle rich? the welfare receiving unemployed? they will never give in and just want to trap people in cycles of arguments. this thread is an excellent lesson to anyone who wants to know how they operate and learn when they are being trolled. they just want to engage you and waste their time – because they have nothing better to do with their lives. trolling is actually the highest contribution to the human race they may ever achieve!!!!


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