“magnetic reconnection” is a physics fail

“magnetic reconnection” is a monumental physics fail and a total misunderstanding of what lines of force are.

Anyone who thinks that magnetic lines of force can disconnect and reconnect has failed to grasp the basics of electromagnetism.


“magnetic reconnection” is a physics fail

5 thoughts on ““magnetic reconnection” is a physics fail

  1. I thought lines of force were a representation invented by Faraday to investigate magnetism.
    So when lines are sparse the field is weak when lines compact field is strong.
    The nature of the field is curious as is the fact that it is linked in some way to electricity.


    1. fnstst says:

      Yes, its a representation. But many scientists are now treating them like actual physical entities that can produce phenomena. They do this in order to explain the activity on the suns surface, the CMEs and other eruptions. They wish to show that they are worthy of keeping their jobs, by coming up with explanations for phenomena – yet break basic physics to do so.


      1. Well keeping your job is important unless like me , you are retired.
        It seems to me that the scientific commumity is bent on ignoring real.threats like climate and antibiotic resistance. Perhaps we can blame politicians but they like to keep their jobs as well.
        Remember when it comes to personal well-being only one scientific law is followed. Survival of the fittest. The rest goes out the window.
        Do we know what magnetism is or what is meant by a physical entity?
        I have been told mathematics rules the roost and there is not much physical about that.


      2. fnstst says:

        Quite a lot is understood about electromagnetism. both the cause and effects in simple systems are well understood. Yet exceptions are created for personal benefit and profit.. Math is an essential tool for describing and extrapolating natural systems, but when it is applied poorly, the results are useless. When math is kept in line with the evidence, it is awesome – but it is as easily manipulated for political and personal gain as statistics is.
        If you are interested in solar electromagnetism check out the “Electric Universe” people.


      3. Thankyou for the advice and warnings. I am a natural skeptic ; it’s my age (74) and a general mistrust of human nature.
        The concerned layman has a massive problem since which expert does he trust? Science seems so broad and diverse in 2016 that its going everywhere and getting nowhere. Science should be the servant of mankind rather than a free for all playground for the enquiring mind.
        I hear many say who can tell where this obsure research may lead.
        Thats true but it does not look as if we are going to a green and pleasent land.


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