Did Merkel invite refugees to set them up as scapegoats?

After the news about the New Years Eve assaults on German women came out, I had a gut feeling that there was something suspicious about it. The large number of accusations, and the complete lack of specifics. And it also wasnt reported immediately, but took a few days. It just seemed to me like any other racial profiling setup. It seems like the government saw an opportunity in the few accusations that were initially made, and decided to create a lot more complaints and suggest that the numbers were huge. Governments have done this many times before. It is normal practice in times of economic uncertainty.

Sure, I accept that some refugees are no good, just as some Germans are no good and sexually assault women and children.

However, the circumstances of the accusations is suspicious.

Also, there is Merkel’s invitation. Hundreds of thousands of refugees were invited to come to Europe, and normal entry checks were just not made. Identities were not checked, fingerprints were not taken. The typical processes of entry were totally ignored. This is very suspicious. Also the media kept portraying the refugees as families, yet the vast majority of them are young men. This helped the government get away with allowing all these refugees to enter without normal checking procedures. Yet now that the setup is beginning, suddenly the media is portraying the refugees as a bunch of immoral disrespectful young men.

This is the basis of my suspicion. Circumstantial evidence that leads me to doubt the official line about the refugees. It seems to me that Merkel invited refugees into Europe with the prior intention of setting them up as scapegoats for the economic instability that is to come. Yet that economic instability has been predicted as an inevitable outcome of the economic policies of western governments. In the past, when there was economic instability caused by government incompetence, the governments setup certain racial groups as scapegoats, to blame. This time is no different.


Did Merkel invite refugees to set them up as scapegoats?

One thought on “Did Merkel invite refugees to set them up as scapegoats?

  1. ramund says:

    The media’s been pretty clear on that many of the arrivals are just sole people who, many, would want to bring their families too, but the way is too difficult for all of them to go. Such news are often reported late, and were reported even later elsewhere. What’s the rush? If economy were to collapse I think even Merkel would have better things to do than to talk about stolen purses.


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