Rama Setu – ancient artificial causeway

Rama Setu. Rama’s bridge or Adams Bridge. An artificial causeway between india and sri lanka. The parts of the construction that still remain are a few meters underwater.
Built by Rama, who was born 10 January 5114 BC (about 7100 years ago) – according to detailed astronomical onbservations taken at the time of his birth.
Western archaeology, which puts froward white europeans as the only intelligent humans, considers these ancient stories to be fiction. They dispute the reality of ancient indian texts.
Written records give many details about the bridge construction. They say that “monkey men” were used by Rama as an army and laborers.
These written records suggest two important things about ancient humans.
One is that humans, 7000 years ago, used established engineering techniques. The techniques used to construct the causeway were the result of scientific thinking. The construction was designed according to proven techniques used to construct in seawater.
Second, the records claim that Rama used “monkey men” as soldiers and labourers. This sugggests that non-mordern humans, such as neanderthals or homo erectus, were still present at this time. In the records, they are referred to as “monkey men”, suggesting they are seen as more primitive, less intelligent – more like monkeys than modern humans. Recent evidence shows neanderthals were still present in europe 10000 years ago (3000 years earlier) and it is claimed that neanderthal DNA is present in all non-african modern humans. So, it is not unreasonable to think that “monkey men” existed a little more recently.
Another consequence of this written record is that it shows a level of knowledge that requires writing to preserve. this means that the human written tradition is significantly older than 7000 years. Although little exists older than 5000 years, there is clear evidence that shows that the written tradition is much older.
This video presents some of the evidence contained in the historical record.
If you search for information about rama setu, you will find a lot more information and discussion of more evidence than i have presented here. Rama Setu is another ancient construction, that, like the pyramids of giza, quickly show that the western view of human development is nothing more than ‘european worshipping” and very inconsistent with the actual evidence available.
Rama Setu – ancient artificial causeway

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