Merkel committed a crime against humanity

By inviting refugees into europe and waiving any restrictions on who could come, Merkel committed a crime against humanity.

The refugees were invited to come no matter who they were. They were allowed in without checking for documentation. A small portion of them are bad people and have committed crimes against refugees and europeans. This is a crime against the rights and security of all Europeans.

The refugees were invited into Europe before any facilities to receive them were available. There was nowhere for them to stay, there were no jobs for them. This was a crime against the refugees that are ordinary people fleeing war.

Merkel invited the refugees in this way to make herself appear a caring person, after her treatment of the greek crisis make her appear uncaring for ordinary people. This was a huge crime of public fraud.

Merkel was acting in concert with fellow politicians, who are also participants in this crime.

All illusion of the compassion of the German political establishment is removed. Those people have zero compassion, and only care for their own power and wealth.

Merkel committed a crime against humanity

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