The Current State Of Government

Many people feel the government is a bit out of control right now, and that it has never been this bad.
The truth is that the ruling elite have been repeating this state of desperate corruption at regular intervals since before writing was invented. Mafia always takes over the establishment, because it is a breeding ground for mafia tactics.

As an establishment group retains power, the worst individuals climb their way to the top in that group. These "worst of the worst" can only rise in a corrupt establishment. They don’t have the intelligence or skill to create an establishment, but their role is to destroy establishments.

That’s what we are seeing now in the world. And its worth noting for posterity that these corrupt leaders receive the support of the people. So, morally, there is little recourse for compensation for harm done by the collapse of the establishment. They couldn’t do it without you.

The Current State Of Government

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