The duty to be energy efficient

In the battle between those participating in the greatest scientific scam ever, and those who oppose it, an important issue is being totally ignored.

Supporters of human-caused global warming are raking in cash from government subsidies and enjoying political influence beyond their wildest dreams. They oppose the use of fossil fuels because it releases CO2, which they say is causing global warming. They are even trying to prevent the worlds poor from using fossil fuels, the only energy source they can actually afford.

On the other side, some of those who oppose the global warming scam try to talk up the benefits of using fossil fuels, and are sometimes as unscientific and ridiculous as the warmists, by talking up the benefits of rising CO2 for such things as agriculture yields.

The reality is that the available evidence cannot show that humans are responsible for rising CO2 levels.

In this battle for short term personal gain, really fundamental long term issues of the survival of the human species are almost completely ignored.

The unmentioned and sensible goal is to leave as much non-renewable resources as possible for future generations, so they can use those resources to invest in the long term survival of our species.

The rich west can now afford to be more efficient, develop more efficient ways of doing things, so as to use less energy. They got this way by using cheap fossil fuel energy and creating wealth.

Yet there is so much poverty in the world. The poor cant yet afford to be more efficient. They must first use fossil fuels to raise their wealth enough to then become more efficient. They wont be able to rise up without fossil fuels, so they must first use it before they can then be more efficient with it.

The fastest way to reduce the global use of fossil files is to allow poor nations to use fossil fuels to grow enough wealth to achieve the capacity to use less fossil fuels.

The duty to be energy efficient

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