California electoral college voting challenge

The USA political establishment continues to show I is terrified of the effect Trump may have on their hold on power.

Vinz Koller joins other electoral college electors in California and other US states, filing a lawsuit against laws that force them to vote for the candidate chosen in the popular vote.

The reality is that these people aren’t happy with how Americans voted, and insist on disrespecting their vote – thereby attacking democracy – while claiming to support democracy.

A democracy where the citizens choice doesn’t have to be respected, doesn’t have to be accepted by the establishment, is not a democracy – its a glorified totalitarian opinion poll.

Michael Baca, a California elector, speaking to Salon. “My whole message regarding the Hamilton Electors has been unification of Americans.”

Baca is claiming that by rejecting the popular vote, saying to Americans they are wrong, untrustworthy, is supportive of the unification of Americans. Clearly he is only talking about the Americans that matter to him – the corrupt establishment.


California electoral college voting challenge

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