The left thought they had us on side

The political left – socialists – totally thought they had most of us supports their point of view and proposed solutions for the future. They really believed that. They are genuinely shocked by the results of recent elections, where non-socialist parties have upset the socialist establishment.

The problem is that they took our silence as agreement. But our silence was the consequence of intimidation. We were made to feel pressured, we were even attacked for our views. So we mostly kept silent – until the next election, where we could vote for people who expressed some of what we feel.

That’s one funny thing about socialists – they think we appreciate being corrected and forced to accept a view we dont agree with. Socialists dont get this, yet they are so certain they know better how to run our society.

Socialists are stupid.

Socialists are so certain they are right, they can force us to live as they dictate. Yet they never learn from historical examples of the application of their solutions. The historical outcome of socialism is national failure, economic destruction and mass murder.
But, no, they are sure this time it is different, this time forcing their way on us will have a good outcome, and we will be so grateful and love them.

The left thought they had us on side

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