The Left’s Anti Christian Hypocrisy

America brings us another example of systemic anti-christian sentiment.

The ACLU is helping Knightstown, Indiana resident Joseph Tomkins sue the town of Knightstown, because it has placed a religious cross at the top of a Christmas tree.

Tomkins says he objects to his tax dollars going to pay for putting up a religious symbol.

But, hypocritically, he doesn’t have any problem demanding other peoples tax dollars be paid to him for damages.

This gives his lawsuit away as having a political, anti christian agenda. If you dont like the government erecting christian symbols, then complain about that, be direct and honest. But then why not get straight to the point and complain about pedophile priests? That’s an association I make with the Christian church.

He hasn’t done this because he has a hidden agenda.

Also the ACLU recently helped the Church of Satan sue another local government over a nativity display on government land.

I suggest that he ACLU has a secret agenda of supporting Satanism, and the child ritual sexual abuse and human sacrifice that goes with it.


The Left’s Anti Christian Hypocrisy

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