Socialist Oxfam attacks Ireland for low tax rates

Oxfam, a politically motivated socialist ‘charity’, has twisted low national tax rates into criminal tax haven status.

This is attacking an individual country’s right to economical survival. Countries like Ireland have low tax rates to attract businesses and keep their country economically alive. By doing so, citizens have more job opportunities and a higher standard of living than they would if that country had to match the tax rates of Europe or the USA.

Europe and USA are now desperate for more tax revenue, because their establishments have overspent and over borrowed against their citizens ability to pay tax. Now they are faced with defaulting on debt obligations and losing power. So they are trying to take higher tax contributions. They will do anything to stay in power, even start wars.

Those countries that have lower tax rates are now being accused of criminal behavior. Political organizations like Oxfam are being used as political weapons, to tarnish the status of lower taxes, by accusing them of participating in crimes like money laundering and helping companies avoid paying tax. But this is a lie.

These things happen in all countries, and its not because of low tax rates, it’s what organized crime does.

Businesses have the right to move to countries that have lower tax rates. Just as individuals do.

Regarding the crimes Oxfam is accusing Ireland of, I suggest that diplomatic immunity is used heavily for organized crime and money laundering. Its an essential tool for the establishments of the world to engage in drug running, money laundering, gun running and child prostitution.

Rather than attacking countries that have low tax rates for their economic survival, lets expose the criminal reasons for raising taxes and the mechanisms that the establishment uses to commit crime.

Socialist Oxfam attacks Ireland for low tax rates

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