Kuril Islands dispute

Russia’s claim over the southwestern island of the kuril islands (Chishima in romanicised Japanese) is offensive and will prevent peace between Japan and Russia until the claim is removed.

The island in question within the terms of this article are, from proximity to Japan:
◾Kunashiri-tō (Russian: Kunashiri Island)
◾Shikotan-tō (Russian: Shikotan Island)
◾Etorofu-tō (Russian: Iturup)

Russia, in claiming these islands, is taking advantage of the defeat of Japan in world war 2, where the USA used nuclear weapons to destroy 2 entire cities of an already defeated nation, for political reasons. Let that crime never be forgotten.

Wikipedia writes on this issue: “The San Francisco Peace Treaty[1] with Japan from 1951 states that Japan must give up all claims to the Kuril Islands,[2]”.

Japan is an island nation and the Japanese will never accept the relinquishment of the northeastern islands off the island of Hokkaido.

Its never going to happen.

It is totally impossible to claim any jurisdiction over these islands and have peace with Japan.

By claiming these island, Russia is offending and provoking the Japanese people and preventing any real peace from being possible.

The most southwestern island (Kunashiri-tō) is crossed by a line joining the 2 most northeasterly points on Hokkaido! Any attempt to claim this island is not Japanese is to incite conflict – it is no less than invasive!

Does Russia want peace with Japan? Or does it want to occupy as much territory as possible? What do you want, Russia?

Russia claims it is a legal acquisition based upon the terms of the end of work war 2, and should not be questioned. Russia puts geopolitical agreements above national acceptance – a mistake never learned from.

The Japanese people have a strong, irreversible claim to these islands.

Wikipedia writes: “Russia began to advance into the Kurils in the early 18th century. Although the Russians often sent expedition parties for research and hunted sea otters, they never went south of Urup island. This was because the Edo Shogunate controlled islands south of Iturup and had guards stationed on those islands to prevent incursions by foreigners.”

Wikipedia writes: “The Treaty of Commerce, Navigation and Delimitation was concluded in 1855, and the border was established between Iturup and Urup. This border confirmed that Japanese territory stretched south from Iturup and Russian territory stretched north of Urup. Sakhalin remained a place where people from both countries could live.”

In light of the geographic situation and the cultures of these 2 nations, I propose an agreement that will nurture peace between these 2 nations:

The 3 large islands near Japan are recognized as 100% Japanese. The island named Urup becomes jointly administered. Nothing can happen on this island that does not have the agreement of both nations. This forces 2 nations that have little desire to meet on a cultural level, to compulsorily meet and negotiate, to derive economic benefit from this island – thereby forcing these two traditionally isolating nations to remain in a situation of constant negotiation – which will prevent them from isolating from each other and amplifying conflict between them.

As long as Russia claims the 3 closest islands to Hokkaido, the Japanese ‘gestalt’ will simply not accept peace with Russia. There will instead remain an underlying conflict that will cause both sides suffering in the long term.

So, Russia, you talk all about peace in Syria. Let the Kuril islands be the measure of your honesty.

Kuril Islands dispute

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