Kathy Griffin is the bully

Kathy Griffin a a professional bully. SHe makes a living out of trying to offend in a humorous way.

Its bullying.

Now she is claiming that she is being bullied by the Trump family.

She seems crazy. Did she forget that she posted a photo of her re-enacting the murder of a Trump family member. Thats extreme bullying!

Now her response os to play the victim. She isnt owning her own acts. This is really crazy. She has offended and disgusted millions of people, and she doesnt care about that. This is the kind of behavior that i assocate with psychopaths. Psychopaths simply are incapable of admitting fault, and will try to bluff their way out of the consequences of doing really bad things.

Will Kathy Griffin admit defeat, and accept that she is the cause of the consequences of her actions, or will she find a way to preserve her psycopathic mindset? Wait and see.


Kathy Griffin is the bully

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