ABC Australia tries again to discredit recovered memories of child abuse

ABC Australia has in the past published news that discredit memories of child abuse recovered in adulthood.

The article ties to a study done on the susceptibility of young adults to being tricked into accepting imagined experiences as real ones. According to their own description of the study, the participants were interviewed in a way that was likely to cause them to embellish their actual memories, to see if they could be made to believe their own embellishments – Some could.

The journalist writes: “The study from the University of Warwick in the UK surveyed 423 people, and found that 30 per cent could recall things that
had never actually happened to them.”

Well, so can I. I can recall dreams and know they are dreams. I can recall imagining doing things and know that I haven’t done them.

For most adults it is quite easy to distinguish between memories of real events and memories of imagined things. However, young adults are less experienced at distinguishing these and many other things in life – perfect subjects for a study on the reliability of memory.

According to the journalist, the quoted study doesnt address the validity of recovered memories of childhood traumatic experiences at all, but is being heavily pushed as a way to claim that recovered memories are likely false and newly imagined in adulthood.

The article doesn’t even once ask if there is any evidence that recovered memories have a basis in truth. It is a very biased, one sided article with a clear agenda. It only addresses the unreliability of memory.

Well, if memory is so unreliable, how do we manage to get along as we do? We are able to trust and rely on our memories, we couldn’t live as we do without a reliable memory.

Despite trying to discredit recovered memories, the article doesnt mention at all the nature of typically recovered memories, which are not single isolated events in a normal childhood, but a collection of pieces of recollections that support a coherent scenario, and often are associated with people who suffer psychological disturbances that are known to be associated with child abuse.

The ABC enlists the assistance of an Australian memory researcher, Dr. Ecker, who uses the study to push his own agenda about recovered memories being false – which matches the agenda of the ABC.

The purpose of this article is to discredit the survivors of child abuse who claim to have recovered memories of that abuse in adulthood. It serves to assist pedophiles getting away with shocking crimes. I specifically isolate this agenda over more general ones, because of past ABC Australia articles regarding the reliability of memory. They really love to discredit people who claim to have recalled child sexual abuse.

The article also makes a puzzling link with fake news, the current fad in discrediting others, when fake news is about people naively believing what they hear in any media as true – such as Iraq’s WMDs that never existed, but was widely claimed to be true by the ABC and most mainstream media. Such news isn’t related to so-called false memories or this study at all, why make the association? – Unless this ABC article is fake news.

ABC Australia is expected to have a high standard of journalism where one-sided biased articles are unacceptable. But it just parrots the one-sided propaganda we see in most of the establishment-controlled mainstream media.

The only way to see how biased they are is to seek out alternative media and compare their articles about a particular topic or event. Its a mind-opening experience that will destroy any tendency to believe any claim insufficiently supports by evidence.

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(ABC has in the past deleted articles about false memory that cause controversy for them)

ABC Australia tries again to discredit recovered memories of child abuse

ABC Australia is a propaganda service

ABC Australia has published a disgusting propaganda piece about residents of Aleppo.

The article claims that residents are tweeting that this is their last message, as Syrian govt forces approach.

But its just one single resident! The rest of the tweets about come from the diacredited white helmets. Rather than revealing how the white helmets are regularly involved in war crimes, the ABC just points out that they won the Nobel peace prize, portraying them as angels.

The article blatantly avoids evidence and spreads unfounded rumors. Biased claims are not supported by any evidence, and the article has no author credited. Most ABC articles quote an author, but the ones I have found to be the worst propaganda dont quote an author.

Thus is not journalism. This is propaganda. The ABC is not a news service, its a disgusting fake news service.

I first began to see the ABC for what it really is when, many years ago, it published propaganda from an organization (FMSF) that tries to discredit survivors of child sexual abuse by saying their recovered memories are false. The article did not present any other point of view except that of the FMSF, despite their charter saying they should. Their past propaganda about child sexual abuse now cannot be accessed or searched. They just show a page that diverts readers to sanitized sources, and effectively wash their hands of all the pro-pedophile propaganda they have published.

I have since observed countless examples of propaganda from Australia’s ABC. Yet so many Australians rely on it as their only source of news. These Australians are totally brainwashed.

The Australian government should cease all financial support of the ABC. Taxpayers should not be paying for fake news.


ABC Australia is a propaganda service

The tragedy of Gonski education reform

In Australia there has been a recent tragedy of education reform. This is led by a person called Gonski.

Gonski led a review of education to improve the educational outcomes of age- streamed education.

This study has been used to push for increased funding for this way of educating.

It is nothing but an example of the incompetence and tragedy of Australian society.

This review doesn’t question the validity of age-streamed education, which is the worst possible version of education.

Age streamed education can never be fixed. 1000 times the worlds gdp could never fix age-streamed education. It is a hopeless effort. It is assuming that spending more money on a failed strategy will make it work. It is utterly stupid.

There is no way to fix age streamed education. The only hope is to stream education by ability. By merit.

Age-streamed education only serves the ruling elite and their goal of enslaving the masses.

The tragedy of Gonski education reform

climate fraud in Australia

the Australian government bureau of meteorology, changed historical temperature data, causing a slightly cooling to become a slight warming. they are part of the climate fraud for continuing government funding. they got caught changing the data and haven’t changed it back. their arrogance in fraud is stunning.

this article explains more about the fraud, and how ABC TV is contributing to the fraud for its own financial gain. it points out that the recently deposed prime minister, who was subject to an environmental hate campaign, considered investigating the temperature fraud.


act of pure evil by australian politicians

Australian politicians have passed laws that allow 20 government agencies to invade your privacy without a warrant.

without a warrant.

but that’s not the most evil part:

” there’s a two-year jail sentence for anyone caught revealing information about instances of metadata access.”

the law means that anyone exposing abuse of these powers is liable to be sent to jail.

that is pure evil.
because it is absolutely guaranteed that these laws will be abused.
effectively, it has become a criminal offence to report crimes committed by those in power.
this is exactly an authoritarian police state.


Australian politicians betray privacy of those idiots who voted for them.

Australians privacy betrayed by both labor and liberal.

the secret is that this invasion of privacy is to catch tax dodgers. it is useful for that purpose. it is not about catching terrorists or criminals, for which it is useless.

“There is no sunset clause in the Abbott government’s legislation,
which was waved through parliament by Bill Shorten’s Labor with
only minor tweaks. ”