Trump will fail

This latest blog post by Martin Armstrong claims trump will fail because he cannot reverse the inevitable.

The cycles of human culture and economics cannot be changed. Whatever happens and whatever individuals do, it must act to bring about the cycles that are inevitable and unstoppable.

The massive debt in western economies, the quantitative easing, the corruption, cronyism … Are all required to make the cycles happen. Humans cannot choose to do otherwise. Whatever we do must fit in with the cycles.

We have no choice. But we can see it as it really is and try to flow with the cycles.

“Will Trump Succeed? No!” https:// http://www.armstrongeco international-ne ws/politics/ will-trump-succe ed-no/

Trump will fail

Ukraine is doing so well, they shouldnt have to pay 20% of their debt – Lagarde

the unelected IMF leader, ex law film manager Christine Lagarde, visited Kiev to promote and compliment the current government of Poroshenko.

but while throwing compliments around, Lagarde urged creditors to accept debt restructuring, including a write off of 20% of debt. The IMF is asking creditors to accept a permanent 20% loss from a country that is doing great and really turning the corner – and to wait an extra 4 years to get the other 80%.

If only Greece could somehow get “most favored nation” status from the IMF.