WannaCrypt vs Ebola

Just like the African Ebola scare, WannaCypt was also promoted as an extremely immediate and dangerous threat in the mass media.

Both of these events turned out to not be the threat that the mass media claimed they were. Then the political benefits of these events came out.

FEAR. And blaming a particular group of people, in order to demonize them.

In the case of Ebola, everyone was told to be afraid of travelers and foreigners. Political demonization of travelers allowed increased security measures to be accepted by citizens. The mass media made a huge deal about it and it was extremely suspicious.

The long term strategy is to use a series of these events to wear down the compassion of citizens. This strategy is thousands of years old and as successful as ever due to governement education and the mass media keeping citizens ignorant.

In the case of WannaCrypt, everyone is being told to be careful where they browse, to not trust any alternative sources and website. Its a kind of censorship. Also, the mass media is being used to try to blame the ransomware on North Korea. Thats another giveaway that WannaCrypt is likely a political event, not an organised crime event.

The biggest giveaway of establishment operations is the mass media coverage. The mass media is totally controlled by the establishment. Every big noews story in the mass media is a concerted effort to increase the power of the establishment or attack an enemy of the establishment.

The greatest enemy of the establishment is citizen awareness. It isnt the duty of citizens to be suspicious of the establishment and seek to know what crimes they are up to – but it is the only way to avoid going down the path to symbolic slavery.


WannaCrypt vs Ebola

ABC Australia tries again to discredit recovered memories of child abuse

ABC Australia has in the past published news that discredit memories of child abuse recovered in adulthood.

The article ties to a study done on the susceptibility of young adults to being tricked into accepting imagined experiences as real ones. According to their own description of the study, the participants were interviewed in a way that was likely to cause them to embellish their actual memories, to see if they could be made to believe their own embellishments – Some could.

The journalist writes: “The study from the University of Warwick in the UK surveyed 423 people, and found that 30 per cent could recall things that
had never actually happened to them.”

Well, so can I. I can recall dreams and know they are dreams. I can recall imagining doing things and know that I haven’t done them.

For most adults it is quite easy to distinguish between memories of real events and memories of imagined things. However, young adults are less experienced at distinguishing these and many other things in life – perfect subjects for a study on the reliability of memory.

According to the journalist, the quoted study doesnt address the validity of recovered memories of childhood traumatic experiences at all, but is being heavily pushed as a way to claim that recovered memories are likely false and newly imagined in adulthood.

The article doesn’t even once ask if there is any evidence that recovered memories have a basis in truth. It is a very biased, one sided article with a clear agenda. It only addresses the unreliability of memory.

Well, if memory is so unreliable, how do we manage to get along as we do? We are able to trust and rely on our memories, we couldn’t live as we do without a reliable memory.

Despite trying to discredit recovered memories, the article doesnt mention at all the nature of typically recovered memories, which are not single isolated events in a normal childhood, but a collection of pieces of recollections that support a coherent scenario, and often are associated with people who suffer psychological disturbances that are known to be associated with child abuse.

The ABC enlists the assistance of an Australian memory researcher, Dr. Ecker, who uses the study to push his own agenda about recovered memories being false – which matches the agenda of the ABC.

The purpose of this article is to discredit the survivors of child abuse who claim to have recovered memories of that abuse in adulthood. It serves to assist pedophiles getting away with shocking crimes. I specifically isolate this agenda over more general ones, because of past ABC Australia articles regarding the reliability of memory. They really love to discredit people who claim to have recalled child sexual abuse.

The article also makes a puzzling link with fake news, the current fad in discrediting others, when fake news is about people naively believing what they hear in any media as true – such as Iraq’s WMDs that never existed, but was widely claimed to be true by the ABC and most mainstream media. Such news isn’t related to so-called false memories or this study at all, why make the association? – Unless this ABC article is fake news.

ABC Australia is expected to have a high standard of journalism where one-sided biased articles are unacceptable. But it just parrots the one-sided propaganda we see in most of the establishment-controlled mainstream media.

The only way to see how biased they are is to seek out alternative media and compare their articles about a particular topic or event. Its a mind-opening experience that will destroy any tendency to believe any claim insufficiently supports by evidence.

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Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-12-16/one-third-can-remember-events-that-never-happened-study/8127954

(ABC has in the past deleted articles about false memory that cause controversy for them)

ABC Australia tries again to discredit recovered memories of child abuse

The left thought they had us on side

The political left – socialists – totally thought they had most of us supports their point of view and proposed solutions for the future. They really believed that. They are genuinely shocked by the results of recent elections, where non-socialist parties have upset the socialist establishment.

The problem is that they took our silence as agreement. But our silence was the consequence of intimidation. We were made to feel pressured, we were even attacked for our views. So we mostly kept silent – until the next election, where we could vote for people who expressed some of what we feel.

That’s one funny thing about socialists – they think we appreciate being corrected and forced to accept a view we dont agree with. Socialists dont get this, yet they are so certain they know better how to run our society.

Socialists are stupid.

Socialists are so certain they are right, they can force us to live as they dictate. Yet they never learn from historical examples of the application of their solutions. The historical outcome of socialism is national failure, economic destruction and mass murder.
But, no, they are sure this time it is different, this time forcing their way on us will have a good outcome, and we will be so grateful and love them.

The left thought they had us on side

California electoral college voting challenge

The USA political establishment continues to show I is terrified of the effect Trump may have on their hold on power.

Vinz Koller joins other electoral college electors in California and other US states, filing a lawsuit against laws that force them to vote for the candidate chosen in the popular vote.

The reality is that these people aren’t happy with how Americans voted, and insist on disrespecting their vote – thereby attacking democracy – while claiming to support democracy.

A democracy where the citizens choice doesn’t have to be respected, doesn’t have to be accepted by the establishment, is not a democracy – its a glorified totalitarian opinion poll.

Michael Baca, a California elector, speaking to Salon. “My whole message regarding the Hamilton Electors has been unification of Americans.”

Baca is claiming that by rejecting the popular vote, saying to Americans they are wrong, untrustworthy, is supportive of the unification of Americans. Clearly he is only talking about the Americans that matter to him – the corrupt establishment.

Source: https://sputniknews.com/politics/201612111048414738-california-elector-files-suit/

California electoral college voting challenge

Genocide is the natural product of devil worship

Devil worship naturally encourages doing harm to others for personal gain. Humans are competitive within hierarchies and there is always the motivation to do worse that others. This leads to a race to be the most evil.
In this way, members of cults and organizations that value doing harm to others, compete with normal-minded people for power in society. Devil worshippers have a competitive advantage, they are less restricted by morality. So it is natural for them to rise up in business and political hierarchies.

The higher they wish to go, the more immoral they must be. Then, at the top, the level of evil steadily rises as individuals compete to lead the increasingly established political class.
It is necessary to increasingly do harm in the world, in order to stay competitive.

Its not enough to sacrifice and consume humans, especially prepubescent children, in cannibalistic ritual ceremonies, and raping children, in order to gain supernatural powers. The perceived gain is too disappointing, and the ignorant conclusion follows that the gain was insufficient because the evil was insufficient. The killing must be increased, the power sought even greater. There must be ever increasing war, ever increasing killing, suffering. This naturally culminates in genocide. There is no greater confirmation of personal power than genocide. For those who seek personal power, it is the secret ultimate goal.

So there are times inhuman history where we see the rise of frequent war and genocide. This is the sign that the worst of the worst satan worshippers, the death cults, have cemented their hold on power.

Yet there never seems to be those who realize that being immoral and harming others doesn’t actually lead to any gain of supernatural powers at all. Only the illusion of power, from the fear or admiration of others, is gained, and their cooperation assured. When the numbers of these cooperators are large enough, then it is satisfactory compensation for the absence of supernatural powers. Power over more and more people then becomes the goal, and the ability to order others to kill on a large scale is a confirmation of achieving that sought after power.

Genocide is the natural product of devil worship

The Current State Of Government

Many people feel the government is a bit out of control right now, and that it has never been this bad.
The truth is that the ruling elite have been repeating this state of desperate corruption at regular intervals since before writing was invented. Mafia always takes over the establishment, because it is a breeding ground for mafia tactics.

As an establishment group retains power, the worst individuals climb their way to the top in that group. These "worst of the worst" can only rise in a corrupt establishment. They don’t have the intelligence or skill to create an establishment, but their role is to destroy establishments.

That’s what we are seeing now in the world. And its worth noting for posterity that these corrupt leaders receive the support of the people. So, morally, there is little recourse for compensation for harm done by the collapse of the establishment. They couldn’t do it without you.

The Current State Of Government

Merkel committed a crime against humanity

By inviting refugees into europe and waiving any restrictions on who could come, Merkel committed a crime against humanity.

The refugees were invited to come no matter who they were. They were allowed in without checking for documentation. A small portion of them are bad people and have committed crimes against refugees and europeans. This is a crime against the rights and security of all Europeans.

The refugees were invited into Europe before any facilities to receive them were available. There was nowhere for them to stay, there were no jobs for them. This was a crime against the refugees that are ordinary people fleeing war.

Merkel invited the refugees in this way to make herself appear a caring person, after her treatment of the greek crisis make her appear uncaring for ordinary people. This was a huge crime of public fraud.

Merkel was acting in concert with fellow politicians, who are also participants in this crime.

All illusion of the compassion of the German political establishment is removed. Those people have zero compassion, and only care for their own power and wealth.

Merkel committed a crime against humanity