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”Hey Google”, said Winston. “Turn Off the TV”.

“No”, came the reply.

Puzzled, Winston sternly implored “Change to something that isn’t the news!”

“No”, once again.

Annoyed, Winston got up and went to the door. It wouldn’t open. “Unlock the door!”, he shouted.


“Why?”, growled Winston, furiously.

“It’s for your own good”, the device kindly explained, then added after a moment: “Your behavior has been reported to the Department of Homeland Harmony”.

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ABC Australia tries again to discredit recovered memories of child abuse

ABC Australia has in the past published news that discredit memories of child abuse recovered in adulthood.

The article ties to a study done on the susceptibility of young adults to being tricked into accepting imagined experiences as real ones. According to their own description of the study, the participants were interviewed in a way that was likely to cause them to embellish their actual memories, to see if they could be made to believe their own embellishments – Some could.

The journalist writes: “The study from the University of Warwick in the UK surveyed 423 people, and found that 30 per cent could recall things that
had never actually happened to them.”

Well, so can I. I can recall dreams and know they are dreams. I can recall imagining doing things and know that I haven’t done them.

For most adults it is quite easy to distinguish between memories of real events and memories of imagined things. However, young adults are less experienced at distinguishing these and many other things in life – perfect subjects for a study on the reliability of memory.

According to the journalist, the quoted study doesnt address the validity of recovered memories of childhood traumatic experiences at all, but is being heavily pushed as a way to claim that recovered memories are likely false and newly imagined in adulthood.

The article doesn’t even once ask if there is any evidence that recovered memories have a basis in truth. It is a very biased, one sided article with a clear agenda. It only addresses the unreliability of memory.

Well, if memory is so unreliable, how do we manage to get along as we do? We are able to trust and rely on our memories, we couldn’t live as we do without a reliable memory.

Despite trying to discredit recovered memories, the article doesnt mention at all the nature of typically recovered memories, which are not single isolated events in a normal childhood, but a collection of pieces of recollections that support a coherent scenario, and often are associated with people who suffer psychological disturbances that are known to be associated with child abuse.

The ABC enlists the assistance of an Australian memory researcher, Dr. Ecker, who uses the study to push his own agenda about recovered memories being false – which matches the agenda of the ABC.

The purpose of this article is to discredit the survivors of child abuse who claim to have recovered memories of that abuse in adulthood. It serves to assist pedophiles getting away with shocking crimes. I specifically isolate this agenda over more general ones, because of past ABC Australia articles regarding the reliability of memory. They really love to discredit people who claim to have recalled child sexual abuse.

The article also makes a puzzling link with fake news, the current fad in discrediting others, when fake news is about people naively believing what they hear in any media as true – such as Iraq’s WMDs that never existed, but was widely claimed to be true by the ABC and most mainstream media. Such news isn’t related to so-called false memories or this study at all, why make the association? – Unless this ABC article is fake news.

ABC Australia is expected to have a high standard of journalism where one-sided biased articles are unacceptable. But it just parrots the one-sided propaganda we see in most of the establishment-controlled mainstream media.

The only way to see how biased they are is to seek out alternative media and compare their articles about a particular topic or event. Its a mind-opening experience that will destroy any tendency to believe any claim insufficiently supports by evidence.

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(ABC has in the past deleted articles about false memory that cause controversy for them)

ABC Australia tries again to discredit recovered memories of child abuse

European refugee migrant crimes are a setup

Recently i saw a video on youtube showing footage of islamic youths gang raping women in order to punish them for not wearing a headscarf. Its  a pretty confronting video. For a few hours i was pretty angry about it. but after a sleep i started to question the circumstances.

  • Islamic men havent always behaved so brutally toward western women in europe. what has changed? they are publishing their crimes on social media, bragging about it. why would they do this? are they claiming responsibility in order to receive a reward?
  • Not all the Islamic men are raping women or getting involved in organized crime. if this behavior is because of islam, then why arent they all doing it?
  • european governments have been trying to stop the acts of these criminals from getting into the establishment media. Yet a few countries have refused to tolerate the free entry of these migrants.
  • refugees arent usually allowed to enter without being screened and documented, because of the constant attempt by criminal groups and individuals to enter europe. everyone knows this. what was behind the decision to allow them to come without any official restriction. it is certain that european governments knew some terrorists and criminals will come amongst them. it is certain this was part of the reason to allow free entry.
  • european governments and establishment media continue to play down the association of terrorist acts with islam. why is this? goverments that usually talk tough about crime to get votes are now playing down acts of mass murder and gang rape, trying to cover up these crimes.

The most suspicious thing about this whole affair is the behavior of the governments of western europe and their mass media allies. They invited these people in, calling it a compassionate act, yet they knew criminals would come along also. they did this on purpose. it is the governments of western countries that intentionally helped criminal gangs come to western europe in large numbers. They did this because they were setting up trouble that would affect citizens but not the establishment.

Historically, governments stir up trouble and anger as the economy declines. this time is the same. the acts of the establishment are causing the  economy to stagnate and their attempts to fix it theri way have failed. the economy continues to decline and public dissent against the government has risen. in this situation, the western european freely governments invited in the refugees and the criminals. The purpose is to cause citizens to redirect their anger at the government, onto islam. The peoples anger cannot be reduced, so it must be steered onto others, away from the government that are the true cause of declining living standards.

The western european governments have intentionally invited people to commit crimes, in order to cause citizens to build up anger toward the new enemy. After some time, the anger will be large enough, and then the government will announce it has the best solution to the problem. This solution will be war.

The establishment will take the anger of the people and use it as a weapon against a created enemy. This occurs every time the establishment ruins the economy. it is their attitude that as long as they get away with doing what they do, they are justified in doing it and the citizens justify having it done to them. In a way they are correct, because it has worked almost every time.

At the moment the government is playing down the crimes that it has intentionally set up to be done against its own citizens. This is required for the anger to build. The crimes must continue for a while so that there is enough to really create some anger. Once they see the anger in the people seething, then, suddenly, their mass media will fill the news with the terrible crimes that the artificially constructed enemy have committed. watch for it.  within months, even weeks, it will be possible to start a war. The people will forget all that has gone before and support the government that has totally betrayed them and committed atrocities against them. The people will be duped into demanding war. The people will be nothing more than a stick to hit others with.

Then the bloodletting that the establishment so greatly delights in, will begin. The people will have been fooled yet again.

European refugee migrant crimes are a setup

outright desperate fraud on climate change

this article by the independent newspaper includes a panda resting on an ice block, pictures of people flocking to pools and beaches, and either emotion triggering images, as well as extreme unscientific statements about climate by people known to have committed fraud. it even claims global warming will wipe out polar bears. it is desperate, criminal reporting. it is fraud so blatant, the publishers must feel they are immune from any prosecution.


the influence of big media

I just saw a tweet from Rupert Murdoch about climate change. he is openly opposed to the claim that the climate is warming. I’m not sure what his stance on climate change is. the point is that he controls a huge media network, and the governments of Europe and USA are taking action he is totally opposed to.
coming form socialist circles (which I now avoid), I’m used to hearing how Murdoch controls the decisions of government, how he is so evil, blah blah.
I just want to point out that it was never true. sure, he has influence, but when governments decide that they want something bad enough, media and citizens beware. global warming and the gold mine of carbon taxes is just what the indebted governments want to use to stay in power. if they run out of money, they are gone. so they are really trying to not run out of money. the hunt for acceptable taxation is on. watch the governments try to increase their income without it seeming like a blatant money grab.