Kathy Griffin is the bully

Kathy Griffin a a professional bully. SHe makes a living out of trying to offend in a humorous way.

Its bullying.

Now she is claiming that she is being bullied by the Trump family.

She seems crazy. Did she forget that she posted a photo of her re-enacting the murder of a Trump family member. Thats extreme bullying!

Now her response os to play the victim. She isnt owning her own acts. This is really crazy. She has offended and disgusted millions of people, and she doesnt care about that. This is the kind of behavior that i assocate with psychopaths. Psychopaths simply are incapable of admitting fault, and will try to bluff their way out of the consequences of doing really bad things.

Will Kathy Griffin admit defeat, and accept that she is the cause of the consequences of her actions, or will she find a way to preserve her psycopathic mindset? Wait and see.


Kathy Griffin is the bully

USA 2016 Election Prediction

Without any evidence to back it up, here’s my prediction for the 2016 USA presidential election.

1. There will be a big turnout and many will be denied the opportunity to vote, in a way that reduces trump votes.
2. Trump will comfortably win the election anyway.
3. The mass media will announce that Hillary has won by a small margin.
4. Before taking office, Hillary will become very sick, and her designated VP Tim Kaine will become the acting president, and the next POTUS.

USA 2016 Election Prediction

Ben Carson and his Pyramids theory

Recently, USA presidential candidate Ben Carson has received publicity about his theory that the Pyramids were built as special storehouses of grain – the intention being to store grain for very long periods of time. His theory is also inseparable form his belief in the truth of the bible. He looks at the world through bible-colored glasses. Hold a bible in front of your eyes – what do you see?

There is some problem with this theory. No grain has ever been found in the pyramid chambers. Even the chambers that were discovered by removing large pieces of rock. Also, people with the engineering know how to make the pyramids would find better ways to store grain – ones that didnt involve such a huge structure.

Yet its a chance to revisit the official theory that the pyramids are tombs. Human remains, treasure or murals have not been found in the pyramid chambers. These things have only been found in actual tombs, not the pyramids.

It doesnt take long to find information that makes the official story of the pyramids seem like a total lie. Even the asking of simple logical questions about pyramid features and discoveries, leads quickly to the conclusion that the official story hints at a coverup. Keep the investigation simple, focused on the available evidence and avoid speculation.

As to the actual purpose of the pyramids? Well, given the restriction of evidence and information about them, it can only be the subject of speculation. Yet, some speculation is easily discarded, upon asking some simple questions.

Another thing worth knowing about Ben Carson is that he says what the Israeli elite wants to hear.

Ben Carson and his Pyramids theory