US preparing another false flag chemical attack in Syria?

The US media reports that the US government suspects the Syrian regime is planning another chemical weapons attack.

Think about this claim.

How would the USA know to make the claim? It is an announcement without evidence, without a credible source. Just like many other claims by the US establishment and their media.

Since the Russians claimed they had destroyed all chemical weapons held by the Syrian regime (chemicals in rebel held areas were not destroyed), every time there has been a chemical attack, the US and its allies have used it to intensify their attack on the Assad regime. And because the Assad regime made the weapons and used them before, it is easy to believe they will do so again. Yet the situation has changed and so the consequences of using chemical weapons in Syria.

A recent chemical attack occurred within range of anti regime rebels, who have used chemical weapons in the past. The US military used cruise missiles to attack a Syrian airfield they said was where the chemical attacks were launched from. Russia and Syria has invited the US to send technicians to detect chemicals at the airfield and the site of the attack, but the US refused. Wouldn’t they want to know the truth of the attack? Not if they used it as a false flag attack.

A false flag is an attack one side tries to blame on the enemy by attempting to make it appear they are at fault. False flag attacks are often the worst crimes committed in wars, because the attacker is trying to make their enemy appear as evil as possible. They are also killing the citizens of their enemy and have even less concern for their lives than the lives of their own citizens.

Consider the possibility that the USA is preparing citizens for a false flag attack, so that they can be enraged when the US media blames it on the Assad regime, and gain blind support for increased military engagement.

You say the USA government would not do such an evil thing. Yet they have a long and consistent history of just that kind of evil. The US establishment do not value the lives of citizens, not even US citizens. Their constant hypocrisy exposes this.

This is the same USA that nuked 2 Japanese cities after the Japanese military had already been almost completely defeated. They more recently used depleted uranium in the middle east – that still sickens citizens today – as expected in advance. The USA continues to use chemical weapons like white phosphorous. Can you say that the US military isn’t capable of a false flag?

This is the same USA that continues to provide weapons to anti Assad rebel groups, knowing for years that many weapons will end up with ISIS – yet continues supplying weapons without pause. The USA knowingly supplies ISIS with weapons, while saying it is the enemy. Can you say that the US military isn’t capable of a false flag?

This is the same USA that has planned for decades the overthrow of the Syrian regime – not for the benefit of the Syrian people – but for the benefit of controlling regional hydrocarbon resources.

I suspect another false flag, a setup attack.

This is not a pro Syrian or pro Russian claim. It is an anti-establishment claim.

So, when the establishment controlled mass media tries to press your buttons, tries to wind you up like a toy soldier, realize what they are doing and don’t give them your anger as energy to feed their power. Don’t share their propaganda, but voice your suspicion.

US preparing another false flag chemical attack in Syria?

Kuril Islands dispute

Russia’s claim over the southwestern island of the kuril islands (Chishima in romanicised Japanese) is offensive and will prevent peace between Japan and Russia until the claim is removed.

The island in question within the terms of this article are, from proximity to Japan:
◾Kunashiri-tō (Russian: Kunashiri Island)
◾Shikotan-tō (Russian: Shikotan Island)
◾Etorofu-tō (Russian: Iturup)

Russia, in claiming these islands, is taking advantage of the defeat of Japan in world war 2, where the USA used nuclear weapons to destroy 2 entire cities of an already defeated nation, for political reasons. Let that crime never be forgotten.

Wikipedia writes on this issue: “The San Francisco Peace Treaty[1] with Japan from 1951 states that Japan must give up all claims to the Kuril Islands,[2]”.

Japan is an island nation and the Japanese will never accept the relinquishment of the northeastern islands off the island of Hokkaido.

Its never going to happen.

It is totally impossible to claim any jurisdiction over these islands and have peace with Japan.

By claiming these island, Russia is offending and provoking the Japanese people and preventing any real peace from being possible.

The most southwestern island (Kunashiri-tō) is crossed by a line joining the 2 most northeasterly points on Hokkaido! Any attempt to claim this island is not Japanese is to incite conflict – it is no less than invasive!

Does Russia want peace with Japan? Or does it want to occupy as much territory as possible? What do you want, Russia?

Russia claims it is a legal acquisition based upon the terms of the end of work war 2, and should not be questioned. Russia puts geopolitical agreements above national acceptance – a mistake never learned from.

The Japanese people have a strong, irreversible claim to these islands.

Wikipedia writes: “Russia began to advance into the Kurils in the early 18th century. Although the Russians often sent expedition parties for research and hunted sea otters, they never went south of Urup island. This was because the Edo Shogunate controlled islands south of Iturup and had guards stationed on those islands to prevent incursions by foreigners.”

Wikipedia writes: “The Treaty of Commerce, Navigation and Delimitation was concluded in 1855, and the border was established between Iturup and Urup. This border confirmed that Japanese territory stretched south from Iturup and Russian territory stretched north of Urup. Sakhalin remained a place where people from both countries could live.”

In light of the geographic situation and the cultures of these 2 nations, I propose an agreement that will nurture peace between these 2 nations:

The 3 large islands near Japan are recognized as 100% Japanese. The island named Urup becomes jointly administered. Nothing can happen on this island that does not have the agreement of both nations. This forces 2 nations that have little desire to meet on a cultural level, to compulsorily meet and negotiate, to derive economic benefit from this island – thereby forcing these two traditionally isolating nations to remain in a situation of constant negotiation – which will prevent them from isolating from each other and amplifying conflict between them.

As long as Russia claims the 3 closest islands to Hokkaido, the Japanese ‘gestalt’ will simply not accept peace with Russia. There will instead remain an underlying conflict that will cause both sides suffering in the long term.

So, Russia, you talk all about peace in Syria. Let the Kuril islands be the measure of your honesty.

Kuril Islands dispute

International mafia and world war 3

Those families and alliances of families that control nations, operate in exactly the same way as mafia. So i will refer to them as mafia, because it makes world politics quite easy to understand.

In modern times, mafia may control more than one nation and seize control of nations from each other. Modern technology even makes it possible for “landless mafia”. These are groups that are organized around an ideology and extract payments from followers. Sometimes they call themselves lobby groups or social movements. Their goal is to eventually take control of government and the land that goes with it. Generally, an established mafia is secretly behind these social movements. The reason for doing this is to turn the sentiment of a nation against its current mafia rulers, weakening the nation against a political or military takeover.

Currently, the Israeli mafia that controls the USA and Europe through banking networks an a series of constantly negotiated alliances, is trying to destroy the mafia that is centralized in Iran. It began this huge undertaking after it successfully disempowered the Russian mafia. However, the financial resources of Europe and USA have been depleted from this task, leaving the Russian mafia free to rise up and form a defensive alliance with the Iranian mafia. The Israeli mafia are trying a last ditch effort to wring as much wealth as possible out of western nations to complete the attempt at victory. The main tool to extract this extra wealth is the global warming scam.

The rise of Israeli mafia through the influence of banking, allows them the power to control alliances of western mafia, even to the point of partially subjugating them, but not enough power to take over their land or to have their full cooperation. From this precarious position of “top dog” they are trying to coordinate an effort with western mafia to destroy the Iranian mafia and completely take over the region, promising spoils of wealth and land for all participants.

What the Israelis have in mind is the glory days of the ancient Levant. Thousands of years ago, they saw themselves as the chosen people. They want this glory back and still see themselves as the chosen people. Retaking their homeland from the Palestinians was only the first step.

Russia stepping in to prop up the Syrian mafia has the potential to prevent the Israelis from achieving their goal of taking over the entire middle east. Another barrier to this success is the failing economies of the western nations usurped for use as weapons against the Iranian and Russian mafias. The only chance of an Israeli victory over the Iranian mafia was a full scale military war – and that success is no longer guaranteed at all since the Russian mafia stepped in the save the Syrian mafia. People can feel world war 3 coming without understanding who is behind it.

One thing is clear to me though – the most certain way for the Israeli mafia to destroy itself is to continue to pursue their goal of dominating the middle east.

International mafia and world war 3

Dutch MH17 report is a fraud

the dutch recently released a report into the downing of the mh17 jet. however, this report is a political fabrication designed to blame the event on Russians. it is pure warmongering.
this report is from a pro Russian news site. while it is not expected to be unbiased, it analyses the problems with the claims of the report.
its also worth noting that when Russia was immediately blamed after the incident, it released evidence to show that mh17 was actually shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet, not by a ground based missile.


George Soros’ “White Helmets” already lying about Russian Air Strikes

George Soros, who funds organizations publishing climate alarmism, also funds organizations that tell blatant lies to discredit Russian support for Syria’s government.

This video shows examples of the fraud in reporting about Syria.

A realistic attitude is that everything you see in the western media is designed to make you believe something that is not true.

But you should realize one thing. All the conflict in the middle east has support from the USA, with money, weapons and training. There is no conflict in the middle east in which the USA is not involved, from before the conflict began.

It is also true that many USA government officials are Jewish, swear allegiance to Israel and make decisions that support conflict i the middle east. It really appears that Israel is using the USA as a stick against its enemies.

George Soros’ “White Helmets” already lying about Russian Air Strikes