US preparing another false flag chemical attack in Syria?

The US media reports that the US government suspects the Syrian regime is planning another chemical weapons attack.

Think about this claim.

How would the USA know to make the claim? It is an announcement without evidence, without a credible source. Just like many other claims by the US establishment and their media.

Since the Russians claimed they had destroyed all chemical weapons held by the Syrian regime (chemicals in rebel held areas were not destroyed), every time there has been a chemical attack, the US and its allies have used it to intensify their attack on the Assad regime. And because the Assad regime made the weapons and used them before, it is easy to believe they will do so again. Yet the situation has changed and so the consequences of using chemical weapons in Syria.

A recent chemical attack occurred within range of anti regime rebels, who have used chemical weapons in the past. The US military used cruise missiles to attack a Syrian airfield they said was where the chemical attacks were launched from. Russia and Syria has invited the US to send technicians to detect chemicals at the airfield and the site of the attack, but the US refused. Wouldn’t they want to know the truth of the attack? Not if they used it as a false flag attack.

A false flag is an attack one side tries to blame on the enemy by attempting to make it appear they are at fault. False flag attacks are often the worst crimes committed in wars, because the attacker is trying to make their enemy appear as evil as possible. They are also killing the citizens of their enemy and have even less concern for their lives than the lives of their own citizens.

Consider the possibility that the USA is preparing citizens for a false flag attack, so that they can be enraged when the US media blames it on the Assad regime, and gain blind support for increased military engagement.

You say the USA government would not do such an evil thing. Yet they have a long and consistent history of just that kind of evil. The US establishment do not value the lives of citizens, not even US citizens. Their constant hypocrisy exposes this.

This is the same USA that nuked 2 Japanese cities after the Japanese military had already been almost completely defeated. They more recently used depleted uranium in the middle east – that still sickens citizens today – as expected in advance. The USA continues to use chemical weapons like white phosphorous. Can you say that the US military isn’t capable of a false flag?

This is the same USA that continues to provide weapons to anti Assad rebel groups, knowing for years that many weapons will end up with ISIS – yet continues supplying weapons without pause. The USA knowingly supplies ISIS with weapons, while saying it is the enemy. Can you say that the US military isn’t capable of a false flag?

This is the same USA that has planned for decades the overthrow of the Syrian regime – not for the benefit of the Syrian people – but for the benefit of controlling regional hydrocarbon resources.

I suspect another false flag, a setup attack.

This is not a pro Syrian or pro Russian claim. It is an anti-establishment claim.

So, when the establishment controlled mass media tries to press your buttons, tries to wind you up like a toy soldier, realize what they are doing and don’t give them your anger as energy to feed their power. Don’t share their propaganda, but voice your suspicion.

US preparing another false flag chemical attack in Syria?

WannaCrypt vs Ebola

Just like the African Ebola scare, WannaCypt was also promoted as an extremely immediate and dangerous threat in the mass media.

Both of these events turned out to not be the threat that the mass media claimed they were. Then the political benefits of these events came out.

FEAR. And blaming a particular group of people, in order to demonize them.

In the case of Ebola, everyone was told to be afraid of travelers and foreigners. Political demonization of travelers allowed increased security measures to be accepted by citizens. The mass media made a huge deal about it and it was extremely suspicious.

The long term strategy is to use a series of these events to wear down the compassion of citizens. This strategy is thousands of years old and as successful as ever due to governement education and the mass media keeping citizens ignorant.

In the case of WannaCrypt, everyone is being told to be careful where they browse, to not trust any alternative sources and website. Its a kind of censorship. Also, the mass media is being used to try to blame the ransomware on North Korea. Thats another giveaway that WannaCrypt is likely a political event, not an organised crime event.

The biggest giveaway of establishment operations is the mass media coverage. The mass media is totally controlled by the establishment. Every big noews story in the mass media is a concerted effort to increase the power of the establishment or attack an enemy of the establishment.

The greatest enemy of the establishment is citizen awareness. It isnt the duty of citizens to be suspicious of the establishment and seek to know what crimes they are up to – but it is the only way to avoid going down the path to symbolic slavery.


WannaCrypt vs Ebola

The real problem with North Korea

The mass media continually focuses on the threw north Korea poses to other nations. But it isn’t a real threat.
North Koreas strategy is well known and well understood. Their regime survives by making trouble for the west, to suit China, their sponsor. As soon as north Korea actually carries out any of their threats, they will be militarily defeated and their regime ends. Everyone knows it and so do they. The war industry also benefits from it, as military standoffs punctuated by regular minor conflicts and proxy wars, benefit the war profiteers. Full scale war doesn’t benefit war profiteers because regimes cannot be preserved.

The real problem is the imprisonment and exploitation of the powerless north Korean people. Their freedom and lives are sacrificed by the regimes that benefit from the standoff: China, USA, Russia and north Korea.

It is always the establishment that is most responsible for the suffering of people.

The real problem with North Korea

Trump will fail

This latest blog post by Martin Armstrong claims trump will fail because he cannot reverse the inevitable.

The cycles of human culture and economics cannot be changed. Whatever happens and whatever individuals do, it must act to bring about the cycles that are inevitable and unstoppable.

The massive debt in western economies, the quantitative easing, the corruption, cronyism … Are all required to make the cycles happen. Humans cannot choose to do otherwise. Whatever we do must fit in with the cycles.

We have no choice. But we can see it as it really is and try to flow with the cycles.

“Will Trump Succeed? No!” https:// http://www.armstrongeco international-ne ws/politics/ will-trump-succe ed-no/

Trump will fail

Socialist Oxfam attacks Ireland for low tax rates

Oxfam, a politically motivated socialist ‘charity’, has twisted low national tax rates into criminal tax haven status.

This is attacking an individual country’s right to economical survival. Countries like Ireland have low tax rates to attract businesses and keep their country economically alive. By doing so, citizens have more job opportunities and a higher standard of living than they would if that country had to match the tax rates of Europe or the USA.

Europe and USA are now desperate for more tax revenue, because their establishments have overspent and over borrowed against their citizens ability to pay tax. Now they are faced with defaulting on debt obligations and losing power. So they are trying to take higher tax contributions. They will do anything to stay in power, even start wars.

Those countries that have lower tax rates are now being accused of criminal behavior. Political organizations like Oxfam are being used as political weapons, to tarnish the status of lower taxes, by accusing them of participating in crimes like money laundering and helping companies avoid paying tax. But this is a lie.

These things happen in all countries, and its not because of low tax rates, it’s what organized crime does.

Businesses have the right to move to countries that have lower tax rates. Just as individuals do.

Regarding the crimes Oxfam is accusing Ireland of, I suggest that diplomatic immunity is used heavily for organized crime and money laundering. Its an essential tool for the establishments of the world to engage in drug running, money laundering, gun running and child prostitution.

Rather than attacking countries that have low tax rates for their economic survival, lets expose the criminal reasons for raising taxes and the mechanisms that the establishment uses to commit crime.

Socialist Oxfam attacks Ireland for low tax rates

The Left’s Anti Christian Hypocrisy

America brings us another example of systemic anti-christian sentiment.

The ACLU is helping Knightstown, Indiana resident Joseph Tomkins sue the town of Knightstown, because it has placed a religious cross at the top of a Christmas tree.

Tomkins says he objects to his tax dollars going to pay for putting up a religious symbol.

But, hypocritically, he doesn’t have any problem demanding other peoples tax dollars be paid to him for damages.

This gives his lawsuit away as having a political, anti christian agenda. If you dont like the government erecting christian symbols, then complain about that, be direct and honest. But then why not get straight to the point and complain about pedophile priests? That’s an association I make with the Christian church.

He hasn’t done this because he has a hidden agenda.

Also the ACLU recently helped the Church of Satan sue another local government over a nativity display on government land.

I suggest that he ACLU has a secret agenda of supporting Satanism, and the child ritual sexual abuse and human sacrifice that goes with it.


The Left’s Anti Christian Hypocrisy

California electoral college voting challenge

The USA political establishment continues to show I is terrified of the effect Trump may have on their hold on power.

Vinz Koller joins other electoral college electors in California and other US states, filing a lawsuit against laws that force them to vote for the candidate chosen in the popular vote.

The reality is that these people aren’t happy with how Americans voted, and insist on disrespecting their vote – thereby attacking democracy – while claiming to support democracy.

A democracy where the citizens choice doesn’t have to be respected, doesn’t have to be accepted by the establishment, is not a democracy – its a glorified totalitarian opinion poll.

Michael Baca, a California elector, speaking to Salon. “My whole message regarding the Hamilton Electors has been unification of Americans.”

Baca is claiming that by rejecting the popular vote, saying to Americans they are wrong, untrustworthy, is supportive of the unification of Americans. Clearly he is only talking about the Americans that matter to him – the corrupt establishment.


California electoral college voting challenge