The real problem with North Korea

The mass media continually focuses on the threw north Korea poses to other nations. But it isn’t a real threat.
North Koreas strategy is well known and well understood. Their regime survives by making trouble for the west, to suit China, their sponsor. As soon as north Korea actually carries out any of their threats, they will be militarily defeated and their regime ends. Everyone knows it and so do they. The war industry also benefits from it, as military standoffs punctuated by regular minor conflicts and proxy wars, benefit the war profiteers. Full scale war doesn’t benefit war profiteers because regimes cannot be preserved.

The real problem is the imprisonment and exploitation of the powerless north Korean people. Their freedom and lives are sacrificed by the regimes that benefit from the standoff: China, USA, Russia and north Korea.

It is always the establishment that is most responsible for the suffering of people.

The real problem with North Korea

Genocide is the natural product of devil worship

Devil worship naturally encourages doing harm to others for personal gain. Humans are competitive within hierarchies and there is always the motivation to do worse that others. This leads to a race to be the most evil.
In this way, members of cults and organizations that value doing harm to others, compete with normal-minded people for power in society. Devil worshippers have a competitive advantage, they are less restricted by morality. So it is natural for them to rise up in business and political hierarchies.

The higher they wish to go, the more immoral they must be. Then, at the top, the level of evil steadily rises as individuals compete to lead the increasingly established political class.
It is necessary to increasingly do harm in the world, in order to stay competitive.

Its not enough to sacrifice and consume humans, especially prepubescent children, in cannibalistic ritual ceremonies, and raping children, in order to gain supernatural powers. The perceived gain is too disappointing, and the ignorant conclusion follows that the gain was insufficient because the evil was insufficient. The killing must be increased, the power sought even greater. There must be ever increasing war, ever increasing killing, suffering. This naturally culminates in genocide. There is no greater confirmation of personal power than genocide. For those who seek personal power, it is the secret ultimate goal.

So there are times inhuman history where we see the rise of frequent war and genocide. This is the sign that the worst of the worst satan worshippers, the death cults, have cemented their hold on power.

Yet there never seems to be those who realize that being immoral and harming others doesn’t actually lead to any gain of supernatural powers at all. Only the illusion of power, from the fear or admiration of others, is gained, and their cooperation assured. When the numbers of these cooperators are large enough, then it is satisfactory compensation for the absence of supernatural powers. Power over more and more people then becomes the goal, and the ability to order others to kill on a large scale is a confirmation of achieving that sought after power.

Genocide is the natural product of devil worship

European refugee migrant crimes are a setup

Recently i saw a video on youtube showing footage of islamic youths gang raping women in order to punish them for not wearing a headscarf. Its  a pretty confronting video. For a few hours i was pretty angry about it. but after a sleep i started to question the circumstances.

  • Islamic men havent always behaved so brutally toward western women in europe. what has changed? they are publishing their crimes on social media, bragging about it. why would they do this? are they claiming responsibility in order to receive a reward?
  • Not all the Islamic men are raping women or getting involved in organized crime. if this behavior is because of islam, then why arent they all doing it?
  • european governments have been trying to stop the acts of these criminals from getting into the establishment media. Yet a few countries have refused to tolerate the free entry of these migrants.
  • refugees arent usually allowed to enter without being screened and documented, because of the constant attempt by criminal groups and individuals to enter europe. everyone knows this. what was behind the decision to allow them to come without any official restriction. it is certain that european governments knew some terrorists and criminals will come amongst them. it is certain this was part of the reason to allow free entry.
  • european governments and establishment media continue to play down the association of terrorist acts with islam. why is this? goverments that usually talk tough about crime to get votes are now playing down acts of mass murder and gang rape, trying to cover up these crimes.

The most suspicious thing about this whole affair is the behavior of the governments of western europe and their mass media allies. They invited these people in, calling it a compassionate act, yet they knew criminals would come along also. they did this on purpose. it is the governments of western countries that intentionally helped criminal gangs come to western europe in large numbers. They did this because they were setting up trouble that would affect citizens but not the establishment.

Historically, governments stir up trouble and anger as the economy declines. this time is the same. the acts of the establishment are causing the  economy to stagnate and their attempts to fix it theri way have failed. the economy continues to decline and public dissent against the government has risen. in this situation, the western european freely governments invited in the refugees and the criminals. The purpose is to cause citizens to redirect their anger at the government, onto islam. The peoples anger cannot be reduced, so it must be steered onto others, away from the government that are the true cause of declining living standards.

The western european governments have intentionally invited people to commit crimes, in order to cause citizens to build up anger toward the new enemy. After some time, the anger will be large enough, and then the government will announce it has the best solution to the problem. This solution will be war.

The establishment will take the anger of the people and use it as a weapon against a created enemy. This occurs every time the establishment ruins the economy. it is their attitude that as long as they get away with doing what they do, they are justified in doing it and the citizens justify having it done to them. In a way they are correct, because it has worked almost every time.

At the moment the government is playing down the crimes that it has intentionally set up to be done against its own citizens. This is required for the anger to build. The crimes must continue for a while so that there is enough to really create some anger. Once they see the anger in the people seething, then, suddenly, their mass media will fill the news with the terrible crimes that the artificially constructed enemy have committed. watch for it.  within months, even weeks, it will be possible to start a war. The people will forget all that has gone before and support the government that has totally betrayed them and committed atrocities against them. The people will be duped into demanding war. The people will be nothing more than a stick to hit others with.

Then the bloodletting that the establishment so greatly delights in, will begin. The people will have been fooled yet again.

European refugee migrant crimes are a setup