ABC Australia is a propaganda service

ABC Australia has published a disgusting propaganda piece about residents of Aleppo.

The article claims that residents are tweeting that this is their last message, as Syrian govt forces approach.

But its just one single resident! The rest of the tweets about come from the diacredited white helmets. Rather than revealing how the white helmets are regularly involved in war crimes, the ABC just points out that they won the Nobel peace prize, portraying them as angels.

The article blatantly avoids evidence and spreads unfounded rumors. Biased claims are not supported by any evidence, and the article has no author credited. Most ABC articles quote an author, but the ones I have found to be the worst propaganda dont quote an author.

Thus is not journalism. This is propaganda. The ABC is not a news service, its a disgusting fake news service.

I first began to see the ABC for what it really is when, many years ago, it published propaganda from an organization (FMSF) that tries to discredit survivors of child sexual abuse by saying their recovered memories are false. The article did not present any other point of view except that of the FMSF, despite their charter saying they should. Their past propaganda about child sexual abuse now cannot be accessed or searched. They just show a page that diverts readers to sanitized sources, and effectively wash their hands of all the pro-pedophile propaganda they have published.

I have since observed countless examples of propaganda from Australia’s ABC. Yet so many Australians rely on it as their only source of news. These Australians are totally brainwashed.

The Australian government should cease all financial support of the ABC. Taxpayers should not be paying for fake news.


ABC Australia is a propaganda service

George Soros’ “White Helmets” already lying about Russian Air Strikes

George Soros,¬†who funds organizations publishing climate alarmism, also funds organizations that tell blatant lies to discredit Russian support for Syria’s government.

This video shows examples of the fraud in reporting about Syria.

A realistic attitude is that everything you see in the western media is designed to make you believe something that is not true.

But you should realize one thing. All the conflict in the middle east has support from the USA, with money, weapons and training. There is no conflict in the middle east in which the USA is not involved, from before the conflict began.

It is also true that many USA government officials are Jewish, swear allegiance to Israel and make decisions that support conflict i the middle east. It really appears that Israel is using the USA as a stick against its enemies.

George Soros’ “White Helmets” already lying about Russian Air Strikes